What We Do: Service

ATS produces high quality service without taking the cookie cutter approach. We know that service reflects your image. Therefore, we customize our delivery in order to provide you with unmatched responsiveness in handling your specific needs and critical schedules. Our goal is to deliver flawless service from the ground up. Proof comes through our continuous measurement and improvement of service results.

De-Icing Services (Click Here) to visit our de-icing site. 
ATS understands Aircraft Ground De-icing services are a critical component of airport and air carrier operations. ATS has the required focus, expertise, and approach to ensure customer satisfaction.
Focus - ATS is focused on what customers are looking for in Aircraft Deicing.
  • Safety
  • On Time Performance
  • Cost Predictability

Expertise - The expertise of ATS is all inclusive and includes

  • De-icing
  • Glycol Recovery
  • Training
  • De-icing Facility Management
  • Program Development (Training & Procedures)
  • Q&A Auditing 
Approach - Our approach is to work with our customers to meet their unique needs.

Passenger Services

Your passengers’ confidence, assurance and satisfaction are our overriding concern. ATS offers the following services:

  • Passenger check-in and ticketing
  • Passenger boarding
  • VIP Lounge Staffing
  • Baggage Services/Lost and Found

Ramp Handling

Prior to each arrival and departure of an aircraft, the ramp services team meets for a pre-flight and post-flight briefing to ensure that each critical element of the ground operation is addressed and the crew safely performs all functions. Staff are trained and qualified per the Carrier’s specifications and ATS requirements and provide the following:

  • Aircraft loading and unloading
  • Aircraft marshalling
  • Aircraft pushback
  • Aircraft fueling
  • Aircraft deicing

Aircraft Cabin Cleaning

ATS understands that your passengers deserve a clean and tidy cabin when traveling on your airline. With ground times reduced to a minimum and passenger expectations driving our best, we work quickly to maintain the high profile areas on your aircraft while producing an on time departure.

Cargo Services

ATS provides cargo airlines and passenger airlines with warehouse and ramp side operations. Our team is specifically trained on how to safely and efficiently operate specialized equipment in the cargo environment while achieving your customer’s product delivery times.

  • Aircraft loading and unloading
  • Warehouse functions – receiving and delivery
  • Document processing

Aircraft Fueling

ATS provides into-plane fueling services and fuel farm management in select locations in the United States

I have the privilege of working with customers, ramp agents, ticket agents and members of management.

David Rosario
Customer Service Agent

This is a good company to work for and I would recommend it to anyone interested in aviation.

Emelina Mercado
Ramp Agent

The work environment at ATS is good.

William Rosado
Ramp Lead Agent

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