ATS Difference: Business Philosophy

What distinguishes ATS the most from our formidable competitors is our business philosophy. As a medium size company, ATS remains strong and financially stable, which allows us to react fast and effectively to our customers’ changing needs. In this way, ATS is able to accommodate the needs and culture of both small and large clients. It is our view that all of our customers, regardless of size, impact ATS in positive ways. While some may be more sophisticated in their processes than others, each and every one has helped make ATS who we are today.

Strong and effective leadership is an essential aspect of our business philosophy as well. The Executive Management team is comprised of dedicated individuals who stay directly involved in the day to day business and who realize that our most important resource is our employees. It is central to our business philosophy that all employees are to be treated equally, fairly and with dignity and respect. All management has an open door policy by which any employee can contact any member of management with any issues, thoughts or concerns.

Additionally, we encourage new ideas and processes by engaging our employees in small working groups to address issues or focus on improving operations.

The best thing about working for ATS is the fast-paced environment.

Randy Brown
Ramp Lead

My experience with ATS has been fun, challenging and exciting.

Dave Villareal
Ramp Agent

When we all work together, it is amazing what can be accomplished.

Kelvin Gross
General Manager

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