Careers: Job Descriptions

Below are brief descriptions and requirements of the various positions offered by ATS. These are only brief summaries to give you an idea of the day-to-day duties. For all positions, the ability to be a team player, the ability to put safety first, and the ability to understand and meet or exceed the customers’ needs is a must!

Ramp Agent
Main duties: Marshaling in the aircraft, off-loading and on-loading baggage, cleaning the inside of the aircraft, servicing the lavatories and pushing the aircraft back.
Requirements: Excellent physical condition and dexterity to be able to lift up to 70 pounds on a frequent basis in confined spaces, ability to work outside in all types of weather, ability to safely operate various pieces of equipment.

Operations Agent
Main duties: Perform duties that of a ramp agent. In addition to communicate with pilots / flight crews, dispatch and airport operations on a daily basis. Responsible for the safe calculation of aircraft weight and balance, using fuel amounts, baggage counts, and passenger weights. Record weight and balance checks using the SABRE system. Groom aircraft passenger cabins. Cater aircraft with supplies for the flight crews. Responsible for performing some office duties.
Requirements: Must be in good physical condition. Must be able to perform multiple tasks in limited amount of time. Must be a team payer. Must have an adequate means of transportation. Must be flexible, be able to work in a variety of weather conditions. Must be able to communicate information to ramp agents, passenger service agents, and gate agents. Must be able to quickly make critical decisions. Possess mathematical skills a must. Be able to perform general office and computer functions.

Passenger Service Agent
Main duties: Checks in passengers at the ticket counter and ensures proper handling of luggage. Makes public announcements and coordinates passenger aircraft boarding / deplaning in the gate area. Provides assistance for all customer inquiries.
Requirements: Excellent customer service skills and knowledge of computer operations.

Baggage Service Agent
Main duties: Assists passengers in locating lost luggage as well as handing damaged bag claims. Coordinates the return of lost luggage with external providers.
Requirements: Excellent customer service skills and knowledge of computer operations.

Refueling Agent
Main duties: Refuels aircraft following all safety rules and regulations. Ensures quality of fuel products to ensure that product is safe for use. Completes billing paperwork for fuel delivery.

I started at ATS as an intern during my senior year of college. I have always been interested in aviation.

Matthew Anstandig
Financial Analyst

When we all work together, it is amazing what can be accomplished.

Kelvin Gross
General Manager

The smiles you receive when you help a family be seated together is great.

Gloria Moentmann
Passenger Service Lead

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