De-icing: Why ATS

  • Expertise
Airport Terminal Services (ATS) has been a provider of aircraft services including, but not limited to, Aircraft Ground De-icing. We operate in 39 airports across Canada and the United States. We currently provide Aircraft Ground De-icing services in 18 locations.
In addition to our direct and relevant experience, ATS actively participates with airport authorities, air carriers and industry regulators in numerous venues to meaningfully improve standards and best practices. For de-icing specific best practices, ATS is a member of the SAE G-12 Committee – Aircraft Ground De-icing. ATS actively participates in 7 technical committees of the SAE G-12. These are: G-12 ADF Aircraft De-Icing Fluids, G-12 RDF Runway De-Icing Fluids, G-12 DF De-Icing Facilities, G-12 E Equipment, G-12 M Methods, G-12 T Training and Quality Programs, and G-12 HOT Holdover Testing.
  • Safety
At ATS, we create a culture of safety that begins with the hiring process, is fostered through extensive and ongoing training, and is continuously reinforced through strong and knowledgeable leadership. All of our employees are equipped with the knowledge they require to keep themselves, their team members, and property of our customers and the general public SAFE.
We operate on the belief of “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. Our safety culture includes setting baseline measurements, tracking and trending data over time, and using this information to set safety goals. The ultimate goal is to manage the operation to a no incident or accident environment.
  • Training

    To ensure safe, orderly, and efficient Ground De-icing Operations, ATS employs an innovative, comprehensive training program that insures all ATS staff has a thorough understanding of the principles of SAFE Aircraft Ground Deicing. The key components include:
  • Classroom Training
  • Practical Training
  • Simulation Training
  • Recurrent Training
An integral part of the ATS Training Program is the ATS University (ATSU). ATSU courses provide innovative training that will maintain a work environment with high morale, create more stability, improve safety, and encourage others to develop his/her own leadership skills.
  •  Cost Model

    What distinguishes ATS the most from our formidable competitors is our business philosophy. As a medium size company, ATS remains strong and financially stable, which allows us to react fast and effectively to our customers’ changing needs. In this way, ATS is able to accommodate the needs and culture of both small and large clients. It is our view that all of our customers, regardless of size, impact ATS in positive ways. While some may be more sophisticated in their processes than others, each and every one has helped make ATS who we are today.
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